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Biographies of the main contributors to Travellers Notebook Times.

Steve - A fifty something retired radio engineer from UK, but now living in France with his wife Alison. 

Surprisingly Steve is very new to Travellers Notebooks! But his knowledge and experience of building up a similar site over at Philofaxy is the reason he is here!

His hobbies include radio (naturally), internet technology, photography. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook or his own blog

Natalie -
Over the last twenty years Natalie has used Filofax, iCal, and ordinary page-a-day diaries of the kind you can buy in any stationers. She discovered Travellers' Notebooks last year and has been using one (just one) for about 15 months. It has felt "right" from the beginning.

She makes her own inserts in a very low-tech way with a squared notebook, a ruler and a pen.

Natalie lives near Edinburgh in Scotland, and is a dyer of unique yarn and embroidery thread. She has a bit of a leather stash...

You can find her on Twitter, and she blogs regularly on her own website too.

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