Monday, 16 March 2015

Web Finds - 16 March 2015

So I hope you had a good weekend.

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.
  1. TNs in my bag… - Art of Memories
  2. Something’s Coming… - If Not Now, When?
  3. MTN Finance Planner from PlanInk on Etsy - Carie Harling
  4. Will Your Midori Last 77 years? - Margate+
  5. 90 Links for All Traveler Notebook Fans plus 3….  - If Not Now, When? 
  6. My Midori Traveler's Notebook Planning System + Tons of Printables - Ms Wenduhh
  7. My new ChicSparrow TNs.. - Art of Memories
  8. My New Midori Love - Under An English Sky
  9. ZenKraft Ntense Teal Bi-Fold Notebook - ZenKraft Traveler's Notes
  10. My Fauxdori Field Notes - Margate+
  11. Using your Traveler Notebook to Reach Through Time….
  12. Sharing thoughts about Traveler's Notebook sold on Amazon - Baum-Kuchen
  13. Mr. Steels Bruder unterwegs in … (Gewinnspiel) - X17 blog
  14. Mein Midori Traveler’s notebook - Pixelgraphix
  15. A free Birthday Book for the Midori Traveler's Notebook - My Life All in One Place
  16. My Current Alunsina Kislap Traveler’s Notebook Setup - Becoming Sleek
  17. Make Your Own Midori Traveler’s Notebook Refills - Poochie Baby
  18. A Look Inside My Midori - Under An English Sky
  19. Finally here I ordered this from zenkraft with the wallet .. and... - theresaJOI
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And we have found these videos for your enjoyment as well.
  1. Gillio Giramondo - quick review ;o) - Chrissie's Universe
  2. March 2015 Traveler's Notebook Setup - MadeWithLoveCrafter
  3. Filofax and Chicsparrow MARCH 2015 - Dion Wilcox
  4. Midori Travelers Notebook- Planning Week 10 & 11 - Florence Antonette
  5. travelers notebook share love - Brendahdp77
  6. Midori Travelers Notebook | Kauai- Amy Tan
  7. My Midori Traveler's notebook update | Amsterdam edition - BbJing23
  8. Travelers notebook and stamps - Renea Villanueva
  9. How I Use My TN - Moni Smith
  10. How To Make Your Own Traveler's Notebook Refills - Poochie Baby
  11. Sparrow planner update - Lauren Orsini
  12. Foxy Dori Unboxing - LuckyMama923
  13. Traveler's Notebook Flip Through - Journal & Calendar - StudioBAS
  14. Midori Traveler's Notebook // Flip Through // How I'm Using Mine - Plauder Ton
  15. Traveler's Notebook Fauxdori | Leather Update - MyLifeMits
  16. Foxy Dori ~ My Midori Style Planner and Journal - MyHomeMatters
  17. travelers notebook doodle pups - Brendahdp77
  18. Moodboard in my fauxdori traveler's notebook - MamzelleDiY
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